Welcome to My first and most important - opoly game

Fantasy Kingpin - Opoly     (by Keith Teasdale)

This is a small project of mine that all started just by chance. On a trip up to Borders, I had seen all of the calendars they had were on sale. So I took a gander and noticed a monopoly calendar. Each month was a small game board with the properties being the days of the month. There was one board that was blank with spaces underneath to create your own board. I thought it was neat and figured I would pick it up, just in case I wanted to do anything with it. Well one thing led to another and I noticed that the game board had a total of 26 properties to which you can name, not including the Utilities. And come to discover, the fantasy football league which I have been a part of for 10 years, has had 26 different owners that have spent at least one full season in the league. So as the wheels kept turning I had a thought that with me working at a printing place where we do a great deal of plastics, I wondered if I could perhaps be able to print something. And with the discovery of a blank monopoly board and title deed templates, along with the ability to print custom cards at work, things are just about set to get it done. As far as the money goes, yes I could potentially be able to do that, but it would require a lot more time, setup and cost. Quite frankly it is more sensible to just use a set of the regular monopoly money or as I do now which is keeping track on a piece of paper. That takes away the tiresome handling of money and the space it takes up. Pieces is the same. Use ones from whatever monopoly games you own, or whatever small pieces you happen to have of anything. Especially something that goes with your game.


Keith - opoly  basics

     The monopoly board itself starts as just a blank template where anything you would want typed or any pictures on the board or specifically on the properties can be place with the program I use and then left there or faded into the backround of the space. The title deeds also have a template where you can change the names of the properties, the numbers if you so chose and again can add a picture right on the card itself and faded into the background. That leaves the community chest and chance cards. One would be able to just use a regular set of them but if the property names have changed it wouldn't match up. If it is a completely custom board then you would want custom cards. There are two options for me to get it done but the important thing is if I have a list of what would be on the cards I can have those printed up as well.

keith - opoly printing

The ability to be able to create an entire monopoly game of your own was such an incredible idea to me. But when I had first started with it all, I never realized just how much detail I would be able to put into it. With the help of my work, the whole thing would only consist of 6 sheets of 18 x 13 plastic. With a monopoly board being 18 x 18, it would require two sheets cut to 18 x 9 and printed on a stock that has an adhesive on the back to put it on any old monopoly board, or any board for that matter. Community Chest and Chance cards could be the same names or you could come up with anything you wanted and have up to 21 cards of each with your own sayings and your own picture. And the Title Deeds can also be customized with your names, numbers, or any other customization you can come up with. (Such as my stadium pieces mentioned above.)